Skills & Experience

Professional Workshops:

How to Distinguish Yourself in an Interview, Thursday, October 17, 2013 6pm Career Development Center

                This workshop highlights the key points on how to distinguish yourself in an interview. The key points it highlighted was getting familiar with some of the most common kinds of interview questions. As well as knowing how to act during an interview and things to do post interview.

I have not been able to use any of the helpful information presented at this workshop but I intend to do so in order for me to distinguish myself in an interview.Overall this was a good experience with a lot of helpful information presented that I will use in the near future.

Successful Seasons Star Here! Making Youth Sports Parents Your Partners, Tuesday, November 12, 2013 NC Parks, Recreation Association Conference

                This workshop talked about how youth coaches deal with inappropriate behavior of parents in youth sports. The key points of this workshop highlighted was how do deal with parents who are yelling in the stands inappropriately, fights, and threats. Attending this workshop I learned that it is important to let the expectations of the parent’s behavior be known to them in order to get everyone in the same boat.

With the information I have learned from this workshop will do wonders for me in the future. As an inspiring football coach it will be my responsibility to make sure that there are little to negative behavior from parents and attending this workshop has better prepared me for many situtations.


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